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Hey im Wab, I've recently started playing on hawk a lot and im enjoying it! I hope I can meet everyone and have fun RPing.
Best of luck everyone.
Very many luv Wab


Welcome! Glad you're enjoying your stay, if you have any issues feel free to DM one of the staff members / higher ups in Discord!


Welcome to hawk
Enjoy your stay
A promise is a promise until its broken 



Welcome homie slice u may not know this yet but I am indeed the best staff member on all of hawk servers so u got a problem u can dm me Smile
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welcome to hawk buddy, hope you enjoy your time here on the server, if you need anything in game just simply make a sit and staff will come as quickly as they are able to, or if in discord you could even ping one of us for help Smile
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ye. prepare for a gambling addiction.
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Prepare for a wild journey!
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Welcome to Hawk. Enjoy your stay with us. If you need any help ping any staff in discord or do @Msg in game for a sit.
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Welcome to hawk mate, hope you enjoy your time here.


Glad your enjoying your stay Big Grin
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