Infinite Ammo


I've talked about this before months ago and found out its still a thing to do it you which between 2 guns quickly using last weapon used and firing at the same time and it wont register that any ammo was used in terms meaning you have infinte ammo and say you have a magnum and the pkm it will make it have barely any recoil while doing this (no sound bcs i was in a call)


W o o a h here comes the exploiting


Wow, now that needs fixed
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i dont think the shots actually register either, u can do this with a double barrel shotgun just shoot ur 2 bullets then spam left click while reloading and it shoot about 6 more bullets however none of them register
[Image: 1796356.gif]


yea im pretty sure it is what hxveyyy said, its just client side, and the bullets don't actually damage anyone
[url=[Image: 1792395.gif]

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