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That's right.
We are back.
Risen from the ashes we are better than before.

Below are the requirements to join the clan:

1D+ Playtime

500 Server score on Hawk. (goto bots and type t!rank)

Have a mic (don't have to use it)

Have discord


In-Game Name:

Discord name and ID:

Server playtime:

Server score:


What makes you good for the clan:

Are you a builder or a raider:

Are you a staff member for Hawk:

Anything else:

If accepted you will be PMed a link for the discord group. If you wish to join the group just for fun, instead of actually being in the clan, reply with your discord name and tag and I will add you to chill squad.
Good luck!
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In-Game Name: TheDoctor

Discord name and ID: TheDoctor#2075

Server playtime: 1 week

Server score: more than 6K

Warns: 1

What makes you good for the clan: Good defender & Raider would help you a lot Wink

Are you a builder or a raider: Both

Are you a staff member for Hawk: Yes,Operator

Anything else: IM GAY!



Will DM you the link for the discord as soon as I can come on.
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In-Game Name: Dyno

Discord name and ID: You know it but why not, BlueDino#2153

Server playtime: 1w 1d 5h

Server score: 4,309

Warns: 5 (I think 1 or 2 got inactive already)

What makes you good for the clan: I can move my mouse really hard 'till I become a helicopter. But I can also do some other unimportant stuff such as using my building skills for big bases/roof bases or use my EMP strategy for raids and all the money I got, I know, I know, it's less important xd.

Are you a builder or a raider: Both.

Are you a staff member for Hawk: No, and you know you can check it by your self by looking at my Profile name right?

Anything else: Yes. I want to add a few questions:
Are you paranoic: No, why?
Are you drunk: nuuuuuuwuuwuw

Are you childish: No papa Smile

Eating sugar: No papa Smile
Telling lies: No papa Smile
Open your mouth: AH AH AHA :O

Are you racist: No.
don't tell kai but i steal his +reps so before he's out of +reps  can u donate me some +reps


Accepted. I will PM you the discord link!
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good luck with the Ciaran, cant guarantee DG will avoid you though xD
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Thanks Teddy. Goodluck with yours as well!
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Oh lmao I thought you disbanded Ciaran, Good Luck! Though...It's just another competitor for us now...
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I did but I re-opened with a better update. New co-owner, the other one cause trouble and dragged us into the ground. We are back and we are better. Thanks!
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In-Game Name: GRU SSGT James (will be LR James If I get in)

Discord name and ID:Toxichuman123#8193

Server playtime: 1w 23hr 43min

Server score:1004

Warns: 8- 1 active the rest were before the map changed and I have changed I try not to get warned 

What makes you good for the clan: I am a funny mature 15yr old who can have a laugh and take things serious I feel like I could be a good addition into the new Loyal Rebellion

Are you a builder or a raider: better at raiding but can build

Are you a staff member for Hawk: no but I used to be 
Anything else: I have been in a lot of good gangs such as KZ,JJ,Heliz,BW and more

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