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Swagen's Ban Appeal


Your RP Name
>> TMH CO Swagen

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:0:199019227

Who banned you?*
>> DG Hxveyyy

What is the stated reason?*
>> Mass RDM

Ban Duration?*
>> 2 weeks.

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> I was roleplaying as a secret service member and walking around with the President and we eventually made it to the PD, where we stood in the lobby.
One of the players who reported me walked into the PD holding a gun and the President told me I could shoot him, and he was a fairly experienced player with around 24 hours on the server, so I trusted him and shot him. That was the first time. Then the same guy came back (Seconds later, breaking NLR) and once again walked up to the President holding a gun, so I just assumed what he had told me earlier was true and I killed the accuser again. The third time he came back he shot at the President, once again breaking NLR, so I chased him down the street and killed him. (All of this was apparently MassRDM from me, even though it was on one person, who I was under the impression I could kill)

This next part is my fault and is what I should have been warned for:
I saw that one of the accusers was raiding a base just around the corner from the PD. so I thought I would counter it, not aware that the Secret Service was not allowed to enforce laws, and killed both people inside. One of the accusers was saying that it was RDM when I countered the raid, but he was in the same room as the person raiding and they were talking to each other, so I assumed he was assisting and killed him. The sit should have ended with maybe 1 RDM warn and a FailRP warn, not a 2 week ban in my opinion.

The admin taking the sit did not give me time to explain myself and as far as I could tell, didn't even check logs to prove the accusations against me.

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i did check logs and saw that u had killed someone 3 times and ur reason was "they were in pd with a gun", there was no kos sign or laws saying he couldn't do that and also u were a secret service that countered a raid and killed 2 people thats 3 kills which were all for invalid reasons
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I was typing as I was banned, you gave me less than 3 minutes to explain the situation before I was banned for 2 weeks.

As I already said I was unaware that Secret Service was not allowed to enforce laws, which isn't very obvious considering they are considered 'law enforcement' in real life, and as for the situation in the PD I had a President next to me shouting 'Kill him!' at the dude who accused me of all this. I assumed he was telling me to kill him as I was allowed to and in RP I would follow the orders of the President.

"The United States Secret Service (also USSS or Secret Service) is a federal law enforcement agency"

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Yes, but OUR rules state they can NOT enforce laws. Read the rules before playing the game.

Secret Service Rules
You’re the Mayor’s personal bodyguard and keep him safe

You cannot own doors or base whatsoever.

You must always be with the mayor at all times. If there's no mayor, you must protect the PD..

You do not enforce laws, you only protect the mayor / pd.

You cannot engage in illegal activities.
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I'm not saying I didn't break the rules, but in the context, I don't believe it deserved a 2-week ban.

The situation with the raid is only half of the story, in the appeal I even said that I should have been warned for that.


If it is MRDM then it is a 2w ban. All staff follow a handbook and in ot it states MRDM 2W ban
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Does the handbook not take into account the context of the situation?


There is no context. You MRDM. One guy cause someone with 24hrs told you to. Not a valid reason.
And the other countering a raid. You are ss. You cant do that.
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The guy with 24 hours was the President I was supposed to protect in RP and take orders from, so I followed the orders and killed the guy. The two times he returned was NLR which the admin didn't seem to care about and the 3rd time he shot the president, which is a perfectly valid reason to kill him if the other ones aren't.


The first RDM wasn't valid. There was no laws or KOS sign up as Hvexxy has stated above. The 2nd and 3rd was also not valid. If someone breaks NLR you report them. Don't take matters into your own hands by killing them. The fourth reason was valid (I think) as you had to protect president. But by this time you had already RDM 2 people, 1 you did twice which makes it 3RDM which makes it MRDM which gives you a 2W. Ban. I rest my case.
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