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Planning on getting a new mic sugestions?


Hey guys i am looking for a pretty good mic 
I have a buget up to 200$ 
ive heard the razor mic is pretty good same with the yeti 
let me know of some good mics [Image: smile.png]



Razer's products are RGB-focused garbage piece of plastics, more importantly a waste of money.

Go for the blue yeti.


I use a Blue Yeti. Good quality, fair amount for support, bit pricey. But it's plug and play, so pretty good!
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Go with the yeti Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone, Midnight Blue https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LY6Z2M6/r...4Bb1T0FJ0C

This one has a clean finish and in my opinion is the cleanest out of the few. Amazon does have other colours though.


I use earphones
but Razor
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I use yeti really good i have it now for almost a year going pretty good <3 doing the job


I use headphones, but my brother once rented an blue yeti for a vid. I saw the vid and the audio quality has one of the best soundings that I have ever heard. Not only that, I also see other people, including in this discussion that it's very good.

So you should probably chose the bLuEaSs yEtI

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As long as it isn't a xbox mic we good Smile


black friday offers yeet

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