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Furylemon warn appeal


HI Staff,

Here i am to appeal the warning i just received for FDA/keypad abuse. 

So first off i accept the warning for the keypad abuse i didnt realise you had to have the keypad right next to the door so sorry that was my bad(also i believe this should be one of the first rules on the list for building bases not number 11) but the Fading door abuse i dont accept i dont see why i received it,  The only rules i can find about fading doors are 

 Fading doors must be entirely accessable, this means pixel fading doors are not allowed.
You may only have up to three fading doors to prevent people from entering your base. You can use another 2 for hiding loot.
 Fading walkways/ramps, double fading doors and other fading doors that take more than one battering ram hit to open are not allowed.
 Fading doors must be entirely accessible, this means pixel fading doors are not allowed 

none of the above offences were committed therefore i believe the warn should be removed as i didn't break any rules to do with fading doors.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Your RP Name*

>> Furylemon

Your SteamID*

>> Furylemon97

What is the reason of the warn?*

>> FDA/Keypad abuse

Who warned you?*

>> Exhility

(also my last appeal that got overturned never got removed so if you could do that pls)

I look Forward to hearing from you 

Regards  Furylemon

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You can't use keybinds to open fading doors during raids, which you did to get into your base quickly and kill who's inside, therefore I warned you. The warn is valid.
[Image: UsWPhQ9.png]


If you opened your door with binds during a raid or something that is FDA.
[Image: unknown.png]


If, during a raid, you or one of your base participants asked for the doors to be opened via keybinds, this is FDA.
[Image: HunksignatureSeAd.png]


i now know that as you have all informed me but ive read the rules a few times over and cant see where it says that ive looked in general rading base and building but none of them say about that and i didnt know that was a rule so feel it is unfair unless im being blind and it is in the rules?


A basic rule of DarkRP on any server is that you cannot use your keybinds when being raided, it is FDA (Fading door abuse.) Due to it not being in the rules, and you not fully understanding, I am willing to remove it on this occasion. I will add it into the rules about Fading door abuse, so I hope you do not do it again. Closed.

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