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How To Get Unraidable Printers!

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In this guide, I will teach you, how to get unraidable printers!

What you need to do this: 
Two People (You and a Friend)
Open Slots On DJ and Security Guard - Very Common

1. So firstly, what you need to do is become a DJ, and you need to create a DJ stand. (DJ Rule: 5)
2. Then, you need your friend to become a Security Guard, and according to Security Rule: 1 "You may be hired to protect an area by anyone." This means that you can hire your friend to guard your DJ stand / Nightclub
3. Now, according to Security Rule: 2 "You cannot do anything illegal, however, you may print in the property of the person who hired you." This means that you can place printers in the DJ stand / Nightclub
4. Lastly, according to Raiding Rule: 8 "You cannot raid tramps or DJs." Which means nobody is allowed to raid the DJ stand / Nightclub.

Well Done! The printers on the property of the DJ are now theoretically unraidable!
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"property" a DJ stand is just that - a stand, not a property. Maybe i'll change it to base for you babes xx
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A "Nightclub" counts as a property right? So I would be able to do this, but just by building a nightclub instead of a DJ stand?
This is so sad I only have 1 rep


Pretty sick, maybe I'll use this later when I need money.

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(Processing) oh yea Big Grin
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Well i mean if the Security Guard is added to doors you can be raided i guess, since he does count as a "Co Owner" and it gets him wanted, so police can still just break in, but that comes under limitations like 

- You're out during all shit, you shouldn't get killed or arrested since you did nothing wrong, but if you fight back as you can defend your nightclub, you may be so.

Good idea but it's broken af lmao 
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You cheeky bastard, Milk.
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Just propblock it
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oof Milk , What a great idea :O probably will use it soon xD

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