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Do you get money by donating?For example i donate 1 dollar and get a certain amount of in game currency.


yes.. you can buy 250k and 500k for 1.50gbp and 2.50gpb
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(06-11-2018, 11:29 PM)Exhility Wrote: yes.. you can buy 250k and 500k for 1.50gbp and 2.50gpb

what does gbp mean


Gbp means great British pounds I think


Yes it is possible to exchange real life currency to ingame currency at Hawkservers.co/store
250k = £1.50 = $1.97
500k = £2.50 = $3.28
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You can also buy some guns and they will give some mone
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There's only certain amounts of money you can pay for. For example you cannot pay like 1 dollar and turn that to IG cash, but there's options such as 1.5GBP (pounds) = 250k or 2.5GBP = 500k. Check out the store to find out more about it.

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We do sell in game money for cash in the store, you can also purchase certain items, which give some cash with them also.
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Store Donations have what is included below. Money is included in bundles, or can be purchased seperately. Most items you buy contain ingame cash.
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You can buy
Custom job
IG money
Perm weapons
they all come bundled with money
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