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Do you get money by donating?For example i donate 1 dollar and get a certain amount of in game currency.


yes.. you can buy 250k and 500k for 1.50gbp and 2.50gpb
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(06-11-2018, 11:29 PM)Exhility Wrote: yes.. you can buy 250k and 500k for 1.50gbp and 2.50gpb

what does gbp mean


Gbp means great British pounds I think


Yes it is possible to exchange real life currency to ingame currency at Hawkservers.co/store
250k = £1.50 = $1.97
500k = £2.50 = $3.28


You can also buy some guns and they will give some mone
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There's only certain amounts of money you can pay for. For example you cannot pay like 1 dollar and turn that to IG cash, but there's options such as 1.5GBP (pounds) = 250k or 2.5GBP = 500k. Check out the store to find out more about it.

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We do sell in game money for cash in the store, you can also purchase certain items, which give some cash with them also.


Store Donations have what is included below. Money is included in bundles, or can be purchased seperately. Most items you buy contain ingame cash.
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You can buy
Custom job
IG money
Perm weapons
they all come bundled with money
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