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I dont understand what does it mean buy 100 server score


So i am working pretty hard to get to apply for mod i have the correct server hours but i dont understand the discord rank do i have to be lvl 100? or just server xp 100 pls tell me thanks Smile



100 XP.


Do t!rank in the discord and you will find your server EXP, server score used to be the old name for it but it hasn't been updated on the forums. To gain it you basically type a bit in the discord.
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Server Score is something you gain by talking in the server. Interacting with the community, if you will.
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When you type messages you get server score, you need server score for stuff like a staff application
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Go into #Bots on discord and do "t!rank"
Once you have done this, a message should pop up from Tatsumaki with an image attached.
The image should look like this: http://prntscr.com/lfmjaw
For the requirements, you need the one on the bottom to be atleast 100. However, to apply for staff I would recommend atleast 500 sever score.

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