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ZFG recruiting members!

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Zero Fucks Given is a new and uprising clan. ZFG is going to be a clan for people who like to raid a bunch of people. I am hoping to climb all the way to the top of Hawks best clans. Although some clans are hard to defeat but not undefeatable. The upcoming clan ZFG is going to get to the top with your help!

Ranking System in ZFG

ZFG consists of multiples ranks, designed to be climbed and reach the top. Currently, the ranks consist of this order:


Trusted Member

We've some additional rank too but they are just more for the look.


-You need Discord.

-A minimum of 1-day playtime on the server.

-Have a working mic.


-Active in-game.

-Have less than 8 active warnings,


1: Why do you want to join ZFG?

2: What will you bring to ZFG?

3: What's your age?

4: How many warnings do you have?

5: What's your playtime?

6: Do you believe that you are well-known in-game?

7: In what time zone do you live?

In Discord, we will ask this again to verify that it is you.

Thank you for reading this through!
We hope you will join the clan!
Pls +rep me.

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