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Reporting Pentigrass


Your RP Name
>> StompyChar

Your SteamID
>> STEAM_0:1:12236653

Are you reporting Staff or Players
>> Player

What are their names
>> Pentigrass

What are their SteamIDs
>> STEAM_0:0:44065790

What happened (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> I was a Terrorist Leader in the middle of a terrorism, Pentigrass a Police Officer.
I was putting gunfire upon Pentigrass but instead of abiding by FearRP rules (He was unarmed) and retreating to pull a weapon out, he instead immediatly pulled a weapon (taser) out and ran through gunfire of the entire lenght of the rooftop to tase me.
Upon arrest I complained in chat that the FearRP rules that I've been held to were being broken, but Pentigrass insisted that I was just being salty because I got memed; a quote: "git gud"
This conversation lasted for several minutes, me arguing that fearrp is being broken and he moreso reveled in 'my saltiness'
He continues by stating that 'rules are meant to be bent and broken' and that I need to learn to RP.

No admins were online to take the report so gameplay continued.

About 35 minutes later I was in another terror streak, Pentigrass had just been killed by another terrorist and respawned, just as I come running through the tunnel at spawn.
Seeing an officer of the law unarmed, walking towards the fountain and I'm running with an AK out I decide to unload where in an instant Pentigrass pulls out a taser, runs through gunfire once more (abeit less distance then the first time) and once more tased me, instead of arresting me he pulled out a weapon and killed me.
Another arguement started in OOC, but with an admin (Diego) comming online the ticket gets answered and we end up in a sit.

In the sit I start by letting Pentigrass speak his word, where he flings a few lies in between explaining the situation that transpired.
However when it came time for me to do my word, he continiously interrupted, even saying that because I was using voice and he did text chat that I shouldn't be interrupted.
Regardless, in the sit its become painfully clear that the rules expecially regarding fearrp and taserrushing are absolutely skewered in the wrong way.
Diego commented that Blast stated a few weeks ago that taser rushing is allowed (where I absolutely disagree) and thus Pentigrass decided that that was the entire sit done with.
I tried to make my point that even if taser rushing is allowed, the fact that FearRP states you cannot do 'something stupid' (although vague) means you can't just run through gunfire with a taser, expecially if you had to pull it out to engage.
Whilst I agree that currently the rules state that only during a kidnapping you can't pull out a weapon, but I've seen plenty Admin sits and even myself taken plenty sits where during a mug, terrorism or even generally threatning someone you can't just pull out a weapon if you got one pointed at you; let alone being fired at you - Realism rules.
Unfortunatly I couldn't get in edgeways because Pentigrass continued to tell Diego to not listen to me, because I am trying to convince him, or that I'm being salty about being arrested.

Long story short; here's the bulletpoints:
Pentigrass twice pulled out a taser whilst having a weapon (assault rifle) pointed at them and fired at them.
- I feel this is breaking the fearrp rules that prevent you from unrealistically pulling out a weapon AND unrealistically taser rushing someone.

Pentigrass reveled in breaking the rules, saying that they are meant to be bent and broken.
-An admittance of knowing what he did was wrong.

Apparently taser rushing is deemed okay by Blast.
- I feel this is absolutely wrong, no one in real life would run through bullets to tase someone; tasing someone unarmed as you chase after them is absolutely fine of course.

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Surely you can have your own opinion, but taser rushing is allowed. Feel free to make a suggestion and we'll look into it.

As of Pentigrass' "bending and breaking" sentence - I'll appreciate it if you could get me some evidence of him saying that so I'll have a word with him about consquences.

Thank you for putting time into this and have a nice day.

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