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I just wanted to tell you, the staff members that you can easily know when someone is not ready to be staff and he's going to troll in that way:

He got 1-10 posts and he says active on forums or 150 server score or less, these people just want to become staff fast.

Grammar and memes in the application, if you see they are not serious in the most important thing before they become staff, why would they be after that?

Alts, if you see a new account gave a +Rep to his app mentioning how great he is, well, this person is not supposed to be a staff member for cheating, close da thread, please.

Instant counter, if you know that member is countering every comment (like I did XD) that means he might not be ready to be a staff member, he has to learn how to act in front of people and how to take negative comments.

Childish, it's like the memes in the application but.. just... someone got banned for like 2w just because he was a child last month, so a child that knows English but he's so ... childish in a bad way and just hated because of his actions.. eh those type of people should wait few years.
don't tell kai but i steal his +reps so before he's out of +reps  can u donate me some +reps


Well most people who don't follow the requirements get instant deny.


I sadly know the feeling of being denied staff....


Okay, Steve. A question. I have not applied once yet, but can I apply another time if certain criteria was changed over time?
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