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DG Flame, TheDoctor

Don't know

I killed a terrorist because I feared for my life (I thought I was being shot at), I didn't realise at the time that they weren't allowed to kill civilians especially since I have been killed during terrorist attacks before at least 5 times by other people intentionally. And it annoys me that a server like this doesn't cut any slack. I never have ever/even wanted to do RDM as I know how annoying it can be. And I'm not saying that it is but I feel like the admins are being biased cuz I accidentally RDMed an Admin. This is the first time and last I will shoot a Terrorist during a terrorist attack.


It's not like the server rules are on the forums and like they're given to you when you join the server innit lads innit.



Ignore that they're doubled for some reason and i'm gonna make a complaint since my OCD is kicking in seeing that but read it, just dO iT
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(08-11-2018, 05:59 PM)Xander805 Wrote: I feel like the admins are being biased cuz I accidentally RDMed an Admin


Also still hasn't provided correct details, it's either Doctor or Flame. Do you mind trying harder? This is your third thread..


Checked for you, the staff member who warned you is TheDoctor.

I'll simply remove the warn for now, be more careful next time and don't end up killing accidentally again.

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