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Banned for spawning 10 props.

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>> 4 weeks

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>> So, there was a player annoying me with a yellow crate. I spawned one yellow crate and stacked it a little bit , and was going to "punch"(without doing any damage) the player as a joke. Then an admin came and said that i was trying to crash the server. I only spawned 10 props, and there is no way that would crash the server. I only wanted to make a joke, but instead i got a ban. Not even a warning, not even a sit. Just a ban, without a real warning.

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So, myself (the admin who banned you) got a report "crashing server" u were stacking props inside of each other and pys gunning them, I know it wouldn't of been able to crash the server but that was clearly your goal. https://gyazo.com/5bdfd0ccbb5514f12c37b20637b4891c
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Don't be surprised there was no warning, it's fair to think the worst when something seems suspicious.

I'll unban you.

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