Banned for spawning 10 props.

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>> 4 weeks

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>> So, there was a player annoying me with a yellow crate. I spawned one yellow crate and stacked it a little bit , and was going to "punch"(without doing any damage) the player as a joke. Then an admin came and said that i was trying to crash the server. I only spawned 10 props, and there is no way that would crash the server. I only wanted to make a joke, but instead i got a ban. Not even a warning, not even a sit. Just a ban, without a real warning.

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So, myself (the admin who banned you) got a report "crashing server" u were stacking props inside of each other and pys gunning them, I know it wouldn't of been able to crash the server but that was clearly your goal.


Don't be surprised there was no warning, it's fair to think the worst when something seems suspicious.

I'll unban you.

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