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I like a warning removed please

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Your RP Name*
>> Doggy Reflex

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:0:448770852

What is the reason of the warn?*
>> RDM

Who warned you?*
>> Generic

What are their SteamIDs?
>> STEAM_0:0:161706045

What happened* (Give us as much detail as possible, including evidence. If this is an older one it can be more difficult to resolve but try to best explain it then in your reasoning.)
>> https://gyazo.com/854cb03acfebfaf3103ef8e9c6f13fcb

There is a screesnshot of my terror attack logs, i only killed swat and if i killed others it was collateral, so not really warn worthy
I was warned before anyone had spoken to me about it, i didnt even get an admin to me before the warning was given

I dont think the warning was called for in anyway as nothing i did was wrong.

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I didn't take you into a sit because I was spectating Jodul at the time because you RDM'd him beforehand. I was watching him and you randomly sniped him in the head and killed him. He isn't SWAT and you killed him during a terror which is RDM. Jodul spoke to you about killing him after and he said that your response was that you thought he was a SWAT even though he looks nothing like one.

Also, the picture you sent proves you RDMing.
Big Boi Ex Staff

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(10-11-2018, 07:00 PM)ReflexxxD Wrote: i only killed swat and if i killed others it was collateral

There's a gap of 1 minute between the time you killed Jodul and the kill after. Be more careful next time.

The issued warn is valid and shall remain.

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