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Bottle Limit to be increased to 5 bottles instead of 3


As a regular player who plays as the opium job, it's very annoying when bottles can't be spammed in to save time (currently you have to wait then buy... then wait then buy etc.) But the thing I'd like to get changed is the bottle limit. it is very annoying to have to spawn in bottles half-way through creating a package box. So could the bottle limit be increased from 3 bottles to 5? It means that it will be more efficient for us to create package boxes.


bind alt "say /bottle"
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I agree with xander it is always very annoying when I want to make money fast but I spawn in 4 bottles put them into the packer and then I have to spawn 1 more to fill it and if I put 4 in the packer and spawn 4 again it becomes uneven and my ocd goes BOOM!


Since opium is so op I think it is intentional to make it a tad more annoying.
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It is quite annoying however as Exhility has helpfully mentioned, you can bind "say /bottle" to a key so that you don't even have to go into the f4 menu.
With efficiency, make sure you place a few props down in a way where the cups fall down into the packer so that you don't have to do it yourself.


To do this place the barrel on top of the heater on its side with either it's top or bottom facing you. Then place the packet to the side. Look in the middle of the two and buy cups


i agree with you its kinda annoying ;(


(10-11-2018, 11:17 PM)Exhility Wrote: bind alt "say /bottle"

As Exhility said if you bind a key such as j you can do: bind j "say /bottle"
This has become even more useful than 5 bottles in my opinion as I can purchase 1 bottle at a time making it very efficient.


The opium producer job is pretty easy. You can easily earn 2mil within 5 minutes. So this bottle spawn cap shouldn’t really be a big problem.

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