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This guy needs to get banned


RP Name: Xander805

Steam ID: IDK how to get that so I hope this URL is good enough: https://steamcommunity.com/id/HorseGranite/

Reporting Staff or Players: PLayers

What are their names: robert.m.agnew, was the MassRDMer (keep in mind in chat I saw that ppl were saying why did you RDM me and getting heated at him). Also, I was with a guy called Non, he would be a witness with me, he failRPed and he was trying to break into his house without a warrant.

What are their steamIDs: as I said before Idk how to get that

What happened: 
https://medal.tv/clips/3085393/d1337hZYkybx (keep in mind I did not shoot until he turned around at me and continued shooting as shown in the clip)
https://medal.tv/clips/3085391/d1337cWPNdsx (I was heading back to spawn to buy health)
https://medal.tv/clips/3085389/d1337r3flMdw I told him guns weren't illegal since he had tried to arrest me a couple times and was raiding somebody's house (Non) for having weapons.


Already banned.


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