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As a recruit some if the commands that you have access to can be quite confusing at first. The following is to help you out.

The main command you will be using is !logs. This will open a menu where you have most of the logs on the server. You can click the categories relating to the specific logs you are looking for. Click on the line to do things such as copy Steam IDs.

The next command you will be using quite a bit is !bring. This allows you to bring a player. You can either do !bring [playername] or do !bring $[player steam ID] with the $.

Next is return and no clip. You can set a bind for these two using your console.

bind [key] “ulx noclip”

bind [key] “ulx return @”

Next will be !warn. !warn is used to warn a player. You should do !warn [player steam ID] [Reason].

Next is !warns. You can use this to see your warnings and everyone else's warnings.

You also have access to !spectate. This allows you to spectate a player doing !spectate [playername].

Next is /refund. This will open up a menu which will allow you to refund a player. Use the top box to choose which player to refund for RDM. Use the box below that to choose which death you wish the refund. Then click refund. The last box at the bottom is for RDA, just choose the player name in that box and click refund.

[Image: oVusljN.png]

Lastly is !xban for banning players. The top box is for choosing what player name you would like to ban. The box below that automatically enters that players Steam ID. Then the box below that is how long you would like to ban them for. Lastly is the reason. Type in your reason then hit ban.

[Image: f9gE0qD.png]

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Joelt i didn't knew about these ULX Commands thanks my dude! nah JK good work <3


Boi, this is the most helpful thing ever for new staff!
-  Firestorm959 {Ex-Admin} 

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