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Banned for no reason.


Your RP Name
>> [LRP] Harry 

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:0:11101

Who banned you?*
>> Doctor

What is the stated reason?*
>> RTARP (Relogging to avoid RP)

Ban Duration?*
>> 1 Day

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> I should be unbanned due to them getting their reasonings wrong, I was basing with someone at the time who had a printer (I didn't have one) I left after we got raided due to me getting mad over it. I then rejoined later on and I got called to an admin and a person stating that I left cause he had my printer. The thing is, it wasn't my printer and I didn't have one at the time. The admin on the other hand didn't give me a second to explain what happened and hardly gave a reason. All of this can be looked at in logs because it happened around 14:45 today.


Hey Harrys,

The guy who reported you stated that the base was yours and you were basing alone and you had 1 printer which i asked the reporter if there was anyone else with you basing and he answered me with a "no" multiple times.At the same time i tried getting some kind of proof which is the Damage/kill logs stated that the reporter damaged you ONLY / Killed you ONLY! Which states if someone was basing with you he would get shot or killed.

About you leaving because you were mad you left and reconnected within 13 seconds! Which in my opinion if someone was mad he wouldn't come back within 13 seconds at least.

When i bought you the the Admin Area you just said one thing "That is not mine i promise" then i banned you for RTARP. (Which i have some kind of proof in the Logs).



Awaiting a reply from OP.


Just wanna add something (WHEN SOMEONE LEAVES PRINTER DISAPPEARS) that make more sense

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I was basing with someone else called Reece, and the person who was raiding us obviously lied. When I was brought, I said 'Why am I getting banned?'. I only got a short answer and it wasn't even from the admin, it was from the person who lied. Also, I did leave because I was mad, I didn't join back because I didn't want him having my printer, I joined back because I didn't want to stop playing, I just raged. And I admit to raging. I didn't even have a printer at the time. So that goes towards me leaving because I was mad. The person who left didn't join back so he hasn't been banned, but yet I was the one banned and it wasn't my printer. It's confusing, to be honest. I would like to add on that I can never join back in 13 seconds, why wifi is too crap for me to be able to do that so you would have had time to have a look in logs. I and the other guy was killed, so you didn't for anyone else. And I see why you only saw me because I was the only one reported. So you wouldn't have looked for anyone else. But there was someone else basing with me.


Hey Harry,

Before me bringing you to the sit i had a look at the logs carefully and the guy who reported you stated the you were basing alone and no one is with you and he stated that when he got inside the base he saw the printer and when you left everything disappeared i was having a look at the Logs that no one else is basing with you because if someone was basing with you he would kill the guy who reported you (Raider) or at least do some damage to him which didn't show up in the logs which means you were basing alone.

About the 13 seconds when you start "Sending client info" it shows in the logs that someone joined that's why its 13 seconds.And why would you rage if you didn't have anything in the base? this doesn't make sense there was 1 printer in the base and disappeared as soon as you left and your saying that you raged because someone raided you and your base was empty? and rejoining so quick to play again!

I don't think that's a great good excuse for RTARP (Relogging to avoid RP) and you would be unbanned by today.



The reason why everything disappeared was that because we both left, you obviously didn't look hard enough to see that there was someone else. When I joined back, I later returned to the base and everything had gone, so we both left at the same time. We might as well stop talking about this because 1, no one believes me, and 2 my ban is about to run out so I will be returning to the server and hopefully without someone accusing me of something, if I am later called to an admin sit for some reason, that admin should give time for that person to explain what has happened instead of banning someone straight up.

Thank you.


your rp name 
don juan

steam id

who banned you 

what is the stated reason 
not removing props

why i should be unbanned
the reason that i got banned is invalid. first of all i was a hobo and i built myself a tiny structure that didnt stick out on the road or block it. it was a structure where i gave sick freestyles via dancers. after that lollypop came and told me to remove it. i asked him why and then he just kicked me with no warning. after the kick i came back and built the same structure again. after that lollypop came again and told me to remove it. i asked him why again and he told me that its forbidden to build on the sidewalk. i told him that im a hobo and have the right to build on the sidewalk. after that he warned me last time and i refused to remove it because my structure was just on the sidewalk helping me earn some bit of money. and then he banned me. the ban itself is very unneccesary and further action must be taken immediately.


The ban had ended before the appeal was finished.
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