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A bit of an unjust ban


Your RP Name

>> Its was orginallly in korean which no other staff memeber said anything about even after requesting a sit 4 times
Og name> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ツ
Then changed it to make it a bit easier > ;_;7

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*
>>  lollypop

What is the stated reason?*
|NITRP| Un-typeable name (refused to change)|Prop minge (putting people into props to make them stuck)

Ban Duration?*
>> 3 Days

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>  There were different reasons within the ban that i'm willing to break down

1 ) "Un-typeable name (refused to change)" I was trying to ask you beforehand what the reason for my sit was and you didn't really answer my question so i shrug that part off then simply asked you what was the command to change my rp name
and it was after that, that i was ban. And its not like i being rude or disrespectful in the sit either :\

2 )"Prop minge (putting people into props to make them stuck)" I would understand the minge
part if people were yelling at me about the props or anything but no one had no negative sayings in what i was doing. (For context, i started playing
on the server yesterday and i don't know anyone on the server, so i was trying to think of a creative way to try to get around to see the environment of the server while also interacting with other server members so as a little joke
i was spawning a watermelon and *Handing it to people* as a housewarming gift. Some people even laughed at it hence why i didn't see it as prop minge. Which is always why i was very confused as to the sit.
-Small side note, Only one person got that stuck and even that person and i were laughing and i helped fix it on the spot

While i have no recorded evidence and its just really someone who has like 2 hours on the server compared to a staff member i really had no bad intention.
Note: Also note, If i really wanted to just be a minge i wouldnt have been trying to get a hold of a higher up for a good 4 hours now


I recieved 2 reports on you putting props into people with the intent to make them stuck, I spent 5 minutes trying to find your name and after I finally got it, I teleported you to a sit box. You repeatedly ignored my instruction to "Change your name" and tried to change the subject even though I told you 3-5 times. The 2 people that made the sit weren't happy that you plopped a prop into them and didn't remove it. Because you kept avoiding my questions, I decided to ban you.
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Like i said i was trying to find the reason for the sit and you just avoided both questions, Like i said in the appeal i have no problem changing my name. Also like i said i even asked for the command to change it then i was ban.

I dont know if you just didn't hear that considering you made the sit on top of the fountain in the middle of the everyone, at least that's what im assuming.

In my honest opionion from being staff on other servers a little more patience with the sit would have sufficed considering the whole thing lasted less than 2 minute a very rushed sit/ban in my opinion


I'll admit the sit was **SLIGHTLY** rushed, but If I'm correct at that time my speakers were off and my name was PLEASE TYPE + I had a textscreen stating it, no idea if I turned my speakers on. I didn't see that you said how to change your name at all and you should answer questions from a staff member before you ask your own. I think I might of been a bit harsh with a ban looking at it now and it should of been a warn.
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Yea, i dont think i was able to see you "PLEASE TYPE+" from the pov of the jail cell, or i would have typed it out. Thats just why im a bit irritated is all is because i was talking the whole time instead of typing. Im sorry for that on my behalf but overall i dont mean to minge like i said i was just trying to find a creative way to meet other server members and get a few laughs out of them not disrupt them in a negative manner



Will be changed to warn instead.

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