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Banned for no reason

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your rp name 
don juan

Steam id

Who banned you 

What is the stated reason 
not removing props

ban duration
3 days

why i should be unbanned
the reason that i got banned is invalid. first of all i was a hobo and i built myself a tiny structure that didnt stick out on the road or block it. it was a structure where i gave sick freestyles via dancers. after that lollypop came and told me to remove it. i asked him why and then he just kicked me with no warning. after the kick i came back and built the same structure again. after that lollypop came again and told me to remove it. i asked him why again and he told me that its forbidden to build on the sidewalk. i told him that im a hobo and have the right to build on the sidewalk. after that he warned me last time and i refused to remove it because my structure was just on the sidewalk helping me earn some bit of money. and then he banned me. the ban itself is very unneccesary and further action must be taken immediately.


You built a structure in spawn that involved it going above into the sky, this is counted as a skybase and is against the rules. Your base was very close to spawn. I gave you 3 warnings to move it somewhere and you refused. I warned you and you STILL refused. I kicked you after that. You came back 5 or so minutes later and put it down again with an innapropiate text screen stating "DOGGY PORN". I warned you 3 times to remove it verbally and you refused again so I banned you for refusing to listen to staff, NITRP.
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you first complained about the text. after your complaint i did changed it. after that for no reason you just asked me to remove the structure. if you wanted me to remove the structure why didnt you said it before you told me to remove the text. also the time he asked me to remove the text and the time that he asked me to remove the structure had a solid 30 mins between. if you really thought that my structure was a big problem you should have dealt with it before. please tell me why you havent told me to remove it when you told me to remove the text because it was "innapporpriate".

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As I said, I told you to remove it because it went up over the street into the sky and this is classed as a skybase, it was also too close to spawn so I asked you to move it a little away, you refused to do this leading to your kick and ban.


Also, that's not very kind of you.
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I would like to add i have dealt with you loads aswell, im glad you got banned finally, you dont listen and just try and carry on everytime, stop building sky bases simple.
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I trust that lollypop made the right decision about what is and isn't allowed in a base. If you refused to remove it and got kicked you shouldn't have came back and built it again. Clearly something was wrong about the base. If a member of our staff team asks you to remove a base they almost always have valid reason to ask. When ig you can use !rules to check the rules or you can even find them on the forums here:
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