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Alta's Resignation


Kinda pains me to do it, but I do believe the time has finally come for me resign.

Recently alot of the staff team as well as some players may of noticed. I've become a lot more inactive especially after my only recent promotion. 
This because of a lot of reasons
-Loss of interest as a staff member
-Loss of interest in hawk
-loss of interest in gmod 
-Personal issues
-Lack of time

It's come to my attention that rn i'm not fit to be a staff member due to all the shit thats been going on.
I need more time to myself to study, work on projects. and play other games I enjoy

I will never forgot the amazing times i've had on this server and the amazing people i've met on here
I love you all thank you so much for allowing me to apart of this team.

I may re apply in the future and you may see me on the server a couple of times, but for now it's a good bye from me, <3
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You've been a great, fair and friendly admin, hope to see you around even if only as a player!
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You will be missed Alta <3

Have a great journey <3


NO you only just got Admin Sad

Sad sad times to see another old staff member leave the team.

dam hawk staff team will not be the same without you

gonna mish you
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Really sorry to see you leaving hawk Alta, you've been an amazing admin.

Good luck in the future, all the best.


Thank you for 6 months of work Alta, you were a great staff member and still is a great person and a friend. You were looking up to a lot of people and you always made us laugh.

Good luck in the future!


Alta you were such a nice person, always honest and friendly. It's really sad to see you leave.

Good luck with whatever you move on to next.
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Thank you for all the kind words everyone
really gonna miss you lot lol <3
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n0 Wtf dont go, you've been amazing to the team and the community. I hope you return soon <3
Ex nonce Mod of hawk
Kyle is a god



Stay in touch?

You were a great part of the team my guy!

Sad to see you go.
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