Knife deathmatch bugs


This is something I always experience


This is soo minor and probs to do with the knife mod itsself. It happens to everyone, dosnt really change anything, you can still kill people.


Yea, I know what it is I don't even have to look, its not a big deal because like Gram said you can still kill people just fine.

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It's a small bug and doesn't even affect gameplay, it happens to everyone and almost all the time in a deathmatch
You can still use it as a knife so its okay.
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As it's this small of a bug, this is not that important, this might be fixed but won't be first

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It's not that important. It's not a server issue.
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If it actually made people unable to attack, it'd be serious. However, this is only visual and has been present from a long time ago
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well this happens to most of us but not that important....
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