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2 in one day, huh.

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hey guys is me sans fito man sowwy but it seems me leave hawk now : (

In all seriousness, I'm leaving hawk. As some of you know, I've just come off of break for finishing my mid term exams and now I have mid YEAR Exams (Great timing, school.) I've also found out about some serious family shit which I'd rather not explain so the exams + that is just Amazing timing.  I've had this on my mind for a while, not that I hate hawk, I just need to go. I'm sorry for doing this on the same day as alta, I just didn't want to prolong the inevitable...
Thanks all of you (apart from homo blast xdd)

Blast: Took me into this amazing staff team, ily xx (still waiting on Jake Paul to challenge Stevie Wonder to a boxing match)
Bathpu: Thanks from the bottom of my heart for helping me in many ways, keep up the good work on twitch, too!
Kai + Joelt: Two AMAZING seniors who have helped me through my journey in hawk, you grew up so fast! Also Kai transformed me into big uwu furry man so ily no homo xx

Jorymo: You are have the big gay and very nice geezer.
Alta: Sad to see ya go, mate. Great member of the community.
Connor: Great to have you back, Love you mate xx <3
DG lads: Great experience in DG, Love you all to death
Jodul, Plat, Joelt and blast (again), George: RIP BG :pray: Deji's team are pussies like wtf he was winning.
Varix: My main man, brought me prem and gave me a db, cant live with or without you.
Fb for the day it wasnt dead: :defaultdance:
Other Hawk peeps: Love you all, cheers for the advice and shit. apart from them fato lesbo recruito's jk xd
Tasid: Great server mate, keep up the great work, we all love you!

Kyle: :beef:
Vexxed: Was meh knowing you before all the shit happened.
Non staff: Great community, report dem pesky haxors and rule breakers : )

If I didn't mention you its not because I don't like you. It's because I can't remember 352895048213 people, love you all! Also to the staff, Good luck

It was great knowing all of you, I can't reiterate that enough, heh. May Sans be with you! Cya : )

P.S. One day, maybe one day, Big boi fito will return to his throne as stupid man of staff team : )
now thats epic sauce


cya luv u <3 xoxoxoxo
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It was really nice to have someone to relate to with irl mental health problems, you helped me loads and i can't thank you enough for that i hope we stay in touch. GL with anything you do in the future man.
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Thank you so much for your time on Hawk Fito, you were a great staff member and a great friend on-top of it.
Good luck with your exams and hope to see you again soon!


2 in 1 day, its a shame, you were great staff fito hope to see you back...
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I was there in BG and screaming Deji's team are pussies Sad, Anyway sad to see yougo hopefully you'll find the time to come back soon


This is so sad can we hit 250k subs. Nevertheless it's been amazing playing with such a world-wide subculture that has received some unfair criticism from the common person. This subculture involves the use of anthropomorphic animals of either a mammalian, [b]reptilian or avian variety. Some furries will call themselves "scalies" or "avians" rather than furries to make that distinction. One of the reasons that this subculture is so often misunderstood is because there are so many subcultures within this subculture. That is also fucking gay smh. It's sad seeing 2 both fucking great staff members leave. I really hope you do come back tho. See you soon Burrito <3[/b]
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Fito, It was great having you as part of the team. Every day was always great when you were involved. I still remember that day you surpassed the number of sits I had even when I was in the staff team longer. You were a hard worker and an even better friend. Everyone on the team will miss you and maybe, just maybe, we will invite your stinky fur back in. Farewell sans.
-  Firestorm959 {Ex-Admin} 


Just realized I hadn't responded to this yet.Im really sad to see you go and hope that you remain in the community. You really made an impact on the staff team always being there to make us laugh.
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Why the fuck did you make me read through comic sans just to not be mentioned in there T - T

Anyway, sad to see ya go, good luck in the outside world
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