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So, I have intel integrated graphics and get really shit frames, I do want to know How much FPS do you get when you Play Hawk Gmod?
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300 with 50 people online
60 with 100 people online
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Ryzen 7 2700x & GTX 1080 TI 11GB and I get shit frames sometimes too.


Tip 1: Play on 4:3 stretched resolution.
Go to GMod video settings and go onto resolution and put it onto 4:3. Find out how to stretch games by searching a guide up

Tip 2: I have a list on console commands which I gave to Teddy which also seemed to help, however I don’t have them right now and will update this post tomorrow when I can find it
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I get around 70 min and 120 max
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Constant 120 FPS I want no drops while playing
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I play on highest possible graphical settings. 115 FPS.
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Around 400 with like 20 people on and about 80 with a full server. Lowest settings except for the model details.
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I used to run like 30 FPS but since getting my new pc I get consistently over 100 FPS on maxed out settings on the server.


i get min 60 fps when its a full server max 130 with around 15 people on

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