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If I get a new Computer Monitor for Black Friday in the U.S. which one should I get?
-  Firestorm959 {Ex-Admin} 

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anything that's 144hz. unless you design shit don't worry about colour accuracy
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You havent stated budget but if i were you i would get a BenQ EX3200R 31.5 Inch FHD 144 Hz Curved Gaming Monitor, but hey that's just my opinion and dream monitor.


Make sure your safe! I've seen some of those viral American Black Friday videos and its hectic.
If you already have a decent monitor just buy another one to have dual monitors.
This is so sad I only have 1 rep


don't get anything give me the money and ill buy it for you i promise Wink xD



Well, you have not set a price, but I bought this and I have not regret it yet.

SAMSUNG LC49HG90DMUXEN Super Wide Full HD 49" Curved QLED Gaming Monitor


Depends on price range and specs. 1440p is generally a nice point.
1080p Monitors are also an option. 100hz will work.
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