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I have recently started playing on the server and have finally got into the flow of things.  One thing that has really been annoying me is how common the use of grenades/ EMP's are used on a lot of servers they are very limited because of how quickly bases can be raided I think they should be made more expensive/limited in some way as it makes raiding very very easy.


25k is alot when you think about it. Thats roughly 1 shipment for a raid. 5 in 1 shipment, 3 to enter, and you also need to get back out. They're a key staple. It's a simple matter of a fact how much you can suppress them before they can advance.
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I've seen other servers with much more powerful EMPs, the ones we have on this server are much more balanced,
for example, they only blow through one fading door and take a long time in proportion in a raid to throw.

Moving onto grenades, they aren't very good on this server and would even go to say that they are useless. Although they are capable to do a lot of damage, it has to land directly on them,
you can't even cook them, so they have plenty of time to avoid it.
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i think they EMPS Gernades are fair while its expensive / runs out quickly!


I think EMP’s are somewhat fair. You say that EMP’s are expensive but I’d say 70% of the server has more than 50k therefore can buy 2 shipments and that is an easy raid.

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