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Pyroshark's report against Ibuypingu


Your RP Name*
>> PyroShark

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:0:126262800

Are you reporting Staff or Players*
>> Player

What are their names*
>> Ibuypingu

What are their SteamIDs
>> STEAM_0:0:121930256

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence.
Hes trying to get other gang's to make alliances with him and saying that gang's made a alliance with him when they haven't, he also uses the fact that AK made a alliance with DG to try counter my argument.



Gang Rules:
>> Gang / Clan alliances are not allowed on the server. This is to prevent people from abusing it by getting their friends to make another clan and becoming allies.

Gangs CANNOT make alliances. It is just as like if the Crips and the Bloods started being allies and/or friends, it would have no sense. I get some members from different gangs may base together, but there is a specific rule which states these kinds of alliances should not be made
[Image: Tiw4CuO.jpg]


AK and DG are not allied, we have mutually agreed not to raid one another. However, we do not raid or base together. It’s not an alliance it’s a mutual agreement.


pyro that first screenshot has no context so ill give it some
I raided MOMO and after i killed him he said the alliance with DA was over
I am the owner of DA and this alliance did not exist and thats what the first screenshot is showing so please give context and stop making false reports



Insufficient evidence.

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