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Banned for leaving during raid because i was forced to leave to go work


Your RP Name
Minecraft Kid

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*


What is the stated reason?*

Destroyed printers then left when being raided

Ban Duration?*
24 Hours

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)

The reason i should be unbanned is because i didnt meant to leave during a raid actually i didnt notice anyone raiding me until after i destroyed my printer to get off. i was confused when people were saying i was failrp until then i realize that i have made the mistake of not looking in chat. right after that happened i told the guys who were raiding me that i have to go and i couldn't stay on any longer or to wait for the raid to be over because i would of been late for work. im sorry for this to happened but i was in a rush to leave for work that i didnt notice i would break the rules by breaking a printer and then having to leave right after for work.


I’m just some irrelevant kid on a gmod server. 

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There's really no offense you should've been banned for, only if you reconnected which you didn't. And with destroying the printer while someone was raiding you, there's really no issue either.
You'll be unbanned if the ban doesn't end before there will be a chance to.
(Note - You had a missplaced 0 in your steamid so please look for that in your next endeavours)
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