Staff warn abuse


Your RP Name*
>>Lil Craig

Your SteamID*

Are you reporting Staff or Players*

What are their names*
>>RG Craigo

What are their SteamIDs

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>So a random guy shot a police officer and I witnessed that so i arrested him.Moments later Iwas brought in a sit,and Craigo asked me why did I arrest him.I responded because he killed a cop.Then he checked logs and said yeah that counts as RDA.Evidence is and
Thank you for reading this report I never make reports because they mistake for a little bit but this was huge one.

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Well here we go.

So. I get a sit call. I bring up Yung Nipple Man, then i checked logs and the logs said you arrested him. So i bring you, we talk a bit, and when i ask yung for proof, you literally gave me the proof i needed.

So, you arrested a person, for shooting a corrupt cop, trying to confiscate his weaponry.
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That's not a reason to report a staff member, especially when you broke a rule.

If you want to appeal the warn, head to

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