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Wasnt online for a long time.


Yeah i wasnt online for like 5 months. I noticed that some stuff changed.

My permaweps dissapeared.
I noticed they are far more expensive than before and it would be unfair for me to keep em.
But i had the AWP dragonlore and M4A1 Howl and and tiger butterfly knife. These were very expensive.
Can i get something like a refund please? I was working hard for the Howl.

Also when u are presindent before when u pressed f4 u had the command (example: give license command) options.
Now they dissapeared. Where are they now?

But I really like the new Printer system. And the new map with the same name tits.

This is a really good server and im glad i didnt get banned.

Maybe i will apply for staff.

Remember to respek whamen

Best regards,
Me veri kind and noice
Im a very nice guy. People call me nice guy. Because im very nice and kind to all people. I´m not racist at all. I respect whamen. I´m nice and friendly. I respect you so please respect me.

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I'm pretty sure back in the day there was like a 3 day grace period where you could get a refund. Refunds for that aren't available now unfortunately.

Anyway welcome back!
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Everyone had 5 days, too late now.

Welcome back!

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