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SWAT problem I think


One of my favourite ocupations is the SWAT officer or general, but there is one problem that limits me from playing them more. 
I think they earn too little money from destroying illegals such as printers and/or lean.
I suggest paying the officers according to the printer's level.
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The money for destroying printers was higher when they used circle printers but I haven't seen much of a change to my money since they added the new printers. Also afaik, destroying lean and equipment doesn't actually generate any reward. I agree, I think it should be looked into.
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This should be looked into and would help. But this should be in the suggestions, imo.
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I would definetly +rep cops getting more money, they are the back bone of alot of RP and they should be encouraged to be used.
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well cops should get money from destroying entities...+REP

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