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Hi my name is Dominick I am 15, and I’m ready to start making hawk a better place. My reasons for staff are to help the other staff that’s are having a hard time taking all the sits that the players are creating. Also another reason is to help the players that are having a hard time with the rules and with rule breakers. I don’t have any experience with the gmod version of dlx I do however have experience with the unturned version though. I am requesting the recruit rank since I am newer to the staff on gmod. My rank in your server is user, although i hope to change that soon. I do have a microphone so it will benifit in the way of making sits faster and more efficient.
Have I been kicked: yes 
Reason:under players request

Do you have any warnings:yes
If so how many:4
Why: breaking nlr 
Adverting only 1 times before killing
Adverting 2 times before killing

Before you hire me I am a student at bishop hall charter school and where I live I don’t have WiFi in a couple of months that will be changing(around March) please don’t let this affect me as I will be on during school breaks and weekends please dm me if any further questions.     

Please dm me if I was accepted or not

    Thank you for taking your time to          
        read my application sincerely  

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You dont meet the requirements and havent followed the template
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Avoided Template
Does not meet requirements
A promise is a promise until its broken 




You can find that when you press "Staff Applications" section, it's a sticky thread.

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Errrrr, you need to use the correct template bro.
Got the big oof...


What in the world
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