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Sherlocks application 2.0


in game name >> Sherlocks a dog

prefered name >> Sherlock

Rank >> premium

birth date >> december 21st

Age >> 13

Sex >> male

contery >> England

timezone >> GMT

Play time >> 6D 15H

warnings >> 5

have you been banned before >> no

are you active on the website >> havent been in the past but can be if i get a place

Discord name >> Sherlocks a dog

Server score >> 276

any reletives on the server >> no

can you use UXL >> i know a few commands

how often can you moderate >> on weekdays 5-8 and on weekend at 9am-10pm (with breaks)

how many sits can you take in a day >> depends on a weekday maby 20 and on a weekend 40

hobbies >> xbox computer youtube etc

why should we hire you as a member of staff >> i could help the community and enjoy doing it and also meet more people

what is RDM >> random deathmach whhen a player kill another for a not valid reson.

what is NLR >> new life rule when a player returnes to the area they die and have not waited 3 min

what is fail RP >> when a player for example pulles out a gun while being muged/kidnaped

what is trolling/minge >> it is when a player for example adverts stop following me and kills a random player or pretends to be new to escape getting a warning.

there are 4 pending sits what do you do >> i would awnser the oldest one and ask another admin to get on

James joins the server and starts randomly arresting people what do you do >> i would jail james and hear his excuse if it is not valid i would give him a 2 week ban

Kaity killed tasid because he killed a tramp who attacked him what do you do >> i would ask tasid if he wants me to take the sit if he does i would teleport the tramp and katie and depending on the situation give warnings/bans


some people are saying that i dont have enough server score but i do its 100

i have not got 15 posts thats because i have never realy used the website before now i will try post more and be more active on website/discord

i have a low server score because im quite new to discord i will be more active from now on ant try go onto genral and send at least 1 message daily ( not just a rando message saying "dbnceuhsbfcus" or somthing along that line)

when a senior admin looks at this if its close could i have a trial for a day when im on or somthing like that to prove myself

also this is quite close to my first post sos im quite dedicated to geting a staff role



You’ve rewritten the template and left some key parts out.
[Image: pROP4k2.gif]


-rep for the reason above.
Also, wasn't your app denied less than 24 hours ago?
[Image: Tiw4CuO.jpg]

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(26-11-2018, 05:30 PM)[VDT] Shadow Charmer Wrote: -rep for the reason above.
Also, wasn't your app denied less than 24 hours ago?

it was deneyed yesterday but couldnt find anything that says i cant unless its not in the requirments thread

(26-11-2018, 05:16 PM)?????. Wrote: -rep

You’ve rewritten the template and left some key parts out.

? i have changed it and what is the problem with that also the awnsers i didnt change were fine no one critisised them



You still don't meet the requirements, let me be more specific:

        - have 18 hours or above on our Garry's Mod server
        - be in our Discord and have a minimum of 100 server score
        - have 8 or more posts on our website
        - be 14 or above in age (exceptions if you're mature - if you don't know what that means, don't apply)
        - have strong knowledge of the rules

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