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Hit-men Being Able to Base


Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
Everyone on the server

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
To allow hit-men/assassins to base.

How would your suggestion improve the server?
With the map change, it opens up a ton more space for people to base at. I don't see why hit-men aren't allowed to base. It would make for some great RP, for example, a hit-man having a detective agency where people come in and place their hit. This just adds a nice little role play feature for people who like to play hit-men. Obviously, they wouldn't be able to print and stuff but this would still be fun I think.
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Sure, as long as they are not allowed to print and such, I am okay with it. Would add to the roleplay and having these roles be unable to base any longer would just make it all a bit weird being the only criminals not allowed to.
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I always wanted hitmen to be able to base but why aren't they allowed to print


The hitman's goal is to obtain hit requests from civilians and murder people. They shouldn't base, their only urge is to kill for money, hence their title.
Basically no.


If they can't print or anything, whats the point of even having a base as a hitman?
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People newer really want to place a hit.
only way to get money from people is to annoy them until u get it.
NOBODY would come and visit hitman at his base.

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It just adds extra roleplay to the hitman. I don't really even see why it isn't in the game. You don't see a homeless hitman in real life do you? XD (I mean i've never seen a hitman but yunno) I just feel it would be nice for people who like to play hitman to be able to RP more.
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Denied as of now, allowing hitmen to base will result in many problems:
- More props in-game
- More bases means more base sits
- There won't be as many hitmen around as they're basing...

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