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So i got banned for 2 weeks for MRDM even though the cops were arresting me for carrying a gun even though the gun was a part of my role. You know the best part?
An admin got triggered when i corrected his grammar. xD
Thats when you know the moderation sucks ass lmao


alright boss
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I assume you were reffering to me. I wasnt trigged ROFL, in fact I was the opposite. Also, If you are getting RDA'ed dont take matters into your own hands.
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I'm closing this, if you want an unban then go here and follow the template https://hawkservers.co/forumdisplay.php?fid=29
This is just stirring unneeded shit
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You know the best part? You got triggered when you were banned for rule-breaking and came to the forums just to immaturely complain and brag about it. Fact is you didn't even go to appeal it, just shows a lot about the situation in particular.
Grow up.

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