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Sherlocks a dogs palication 5.0 : (

Big Grin 

in game name >> sherlocks a dog

prefered name >> sherlock

rank >> premium and trusted

birth date >> 21.12.2005

age >> 13 (i think im mature)

sex >> male

contery >> england

timezone >> GMT

play time >> 1W

warnings >> 5  (but they are old about from 2 months ago-3 weeks

have you been banned >> no and hopfully wont be

are you active on the website >> yes i did post farm sos but i dont have much to post about so i took every opertunity to post to get enough

discord name >> sherlocks a dog

server score >> 301 but im new to discord and will be active from now on

any reletives on the server >> no but i wish

can you use uxl yes a bit ill list the commands i know
!no clip

how often can you moderate >> weekdays 3h
weekends 6h or more 
i will moderate every day unless i go on holaday then i may not be on that day but i will bring my computer and try my best personal resons may get in the way but not often

how many sits can you take in a day >> weekdays 15-30 
weekends 40-60
this does depend on how many reports

hobbies >> i love garrys mod and anything to do with the internet i find it fasinating i love history but thats not related to the internet i like browsing youtube and coding im also quite praticalim good at problem solving and i have dyslexia so that helps me with problem solving.

why should we hire you >> i have a good play time am frendly in game i have been a bit mingey in the past but realised and learned from it i will try my best to be active no matter what and hopfully be on daily to moderate i dont play many other server so this is the only server ill be a admin on also i hate the wait when its buisy whensomone rdms me or somthing i could speed up that time if i was hired cuz being a admin means somthing to me

what is RDM >> random deathmach (eg)
jason anoyed sherlock so sherlock shoots him in the head just for insulting him

NLR >> new life rule (eg)
jason kills sherlock in a raid and sherlock comes back in the middle of the raid and kills him

what is fail RP >> when a layer does somthing that they wouldnt do in real life (eg)
sherlock is being mugged by jason so sherlock pulls out a gun and kills jason

what is trolling/minge >> anoying players or not rolplaying (eg)
1. sherlock goes in a kos sign and runs back out constantly and then jason who owns it killes sherlock so sherlock reports him for rdm
2. sherlock joins the server and complains about realisum or mocks people rolplaying

there are 4 pending sits what do you do >>i would take the most serious (mass rdm,rdm,nlr etc) and call another admin to get on and take another one

james joins the server and starts randomly arresting people what do you do >> i would !jail the james and !bring all the people he arrested and if it was random give him a 2 week ban

Katie kills tasid for killing a tramp who attacked him what do you do >> i would teleport tasid katie and the tramp and give warnings/bans acording to the situation


im very dedecated and have spent hours typing these

sos im new to discord but am active and hope to get at least 600 score within that week

i did farm sos again

i want the spot so bad and think i would be perfect for it

i just want it so bad!!!!! [Image: biggrin.png]


Your prev app was just denied. I am sure you have to wait a few days before re-applying.




HUGE ASS - rep

Got the big oof...


mate i beg you please stop
[Image: pROP4k2.gif]


Take some time before you make your next application. There isnt alot you could have changed in the day you got denied.
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Undetailed, rushed, not even using the correct template. In my opinion I wouldn't see you on the staff team any time soon. Your grammar is honestly worse than mine. You have applied 5 times within a week and you got denied on all 4 of those applications, pretty obvious higher-ups don't want you in the team innit? Honestly a HUGE -rep from me, your place is somewhere else..
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You just got denied, you need to wait a while to work on the negative reps.

You need to get some real posts instead of the ones you post farmed.

Wait a while until your next application.


I appreciate your dedication but you'll get nowhere if you don't use the template.

Hold your mouse and go over the template, then right click the marked area and select "Copy". Then simply paste it.

For now though, you've applied way too many times without using the template in 1 week - effort is needed here, my boy.

Denied. If you need help with copy pasting the template, DM me on Discord - in no way you are unable to.

You may re-apply in 3 days.

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