Overwatch or Team Fortress 2


What’s better 
Overwatch or Team fortress 2

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None is "better" or "worse" they are two different games with the same concept but approached in a different way. Overwatch has many heroes while TF2 has only 9 mercenaries, however, there is a bigger community on TF2 because of it being free, unlike Overwatch. Also, TF2 and Overwatch have many items to enjoy, although in TF2 they are not just skins for weapons or the characters. So yeah, there is no real better as I said because they are two different games.
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I enjoy Overwatch more, there's many more characters each with different abilities.

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obviously forniteght
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Ew gaynite I prefer my roblox island adventure

I’m just some irrelevant kid on a gmod server. 


I personally prefer Overwatch. I love to play tracer cuz she’s thicc I mean errrr she’s a really goood character...
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I prefer Team Fortress 2, to all the mechanics you can learn and just the skill it needs to be played, it's an amazing game, not to mention all of the edgy and silly hats you can get. Like this one http://prntscr.com/loi9zu . Like WHY wouldn't you wea- oh, oh goD http://prntscr.com/loiaip
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tf2 100% only because of how long ive played it for over the years

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