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Help me find the knives

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So a while ago there was a give away hosted with 5 winners total over 2 days
The winners won the standard hoverboard,double barrel and trail they were also lucky enough to win a case in which there was a perm knife from the csgo horizon collection

Currently I own the stilletto Talonand Navaja and im trying to get the rest so if you know the owners of the rest please say below and if i manage to get all 5 knives i will give the dupe away
Thanks for all the help and for the people who give names of people that i buy the knife off the first person to mention will get a reward


Have u tried asking big boy tasid




(28-11-2018, 06:40 PM)Luxinare Wrote: Have u tried asking big boy tasid

yea i didnt get a response

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it would be cool that at the end of the year 1 item from each giveaway from through out the year is placed into another end of year giveaway

also we need better weapons like vaporizer lol

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