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In all seriousness 
Rainbow six siege or CSGO
Which of these do you guys think has a harder comp

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Siege. At this point, CSGO is a shitfest of hackers, europeans, and RNG.
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If i were to chose between the two For a competitive game ill go with csgo. But for a game to play with friends Rainbow
Csgo in my opinion is the better comp game while siege is more for fun than to be played seriously
Nether is harder its more preference and what you are good at, Csgo is more slow paced than Rainbow.  Rainbow can feel a bit too team focused by that i mean if you dont have a thatcher and thermite on some maps its just not fun to try to push. Csgo dosnt have this problem it makes it feel like you have more control over how the game goes I prefer that but i can see why some people play rainbow
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I prefer R6S for sure, Overall I think the competitive is done very well and the proleague is done very well too. I don't like CSGO because like Jodul said, there's so many hackers/exploiters and I just don't enjoy the game as much as I do on R6S.
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Everytime I've been on CSGO, there is atleast 1 person spinbotting or using ESP, so I would say that is the hardest as I don't hack on it and it is quite hard to beat a hacker.

I find Rainbow Six Siege a little more easier and less hackers so I am usually just sticking with that.
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Competitively defiantly R6 because it’s a lot more in depth game. Like Jodul said, CS is just a shitfest of hackers so that’s why it makes it so hard. But for competitive ‘skill’ definitely R6.
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(29-11-2018, 06:01 PM)Jodul Wrote: Siege. At this point, CSGO is a shitfest of hackers, europeans, and RNG.


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CS:GO is shit at the moment. R6 Siege, on the other hand is adding new content regularly and has an actually functional anti-cheating system, unlike CS. The competitive's triumph is determined by how much the devs care about the game, in this situation, you can already tell which it is.
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CS:GO is pretty shit rn, but its fun to fuck around with your friends imo
r6 is hard : (
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R6S is fun but hard and csgo...... Hackers,Tryhards,Griefers. Csgo is harder because of those reasons but R6S is more fun

-by an Vac banned from csgo player
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