Bmo is resigning


So Im resigning from staff 
Ive not been active at all i dont want to have the staff role if im barely on the sever, i dont want to have staff when there is other working every day to help out, then there is me doing everything but going on hawk.
Shout out to all the staff that are constantly on the server helping out Keep up what you are doing
Im not leaving hawk ill be on just as often i just dont think im putting nearly as much effort into moderating the server as the other staff do
But hey Now i can do my Ms paint "art" Without feeling like im just procrastinating
[img][Image: Rrr3Vas.gif][/img]


I'll see you around BMO, I guess. Thanks for the help your provided us when you were around/online.
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Cya later BM0! You seem like a pretty chill dude and Im annoyed I didn’t get to know you better. I hope you will still be around Hawk and in the community. Good luck with whatever you get up to big man!
Hi, my name is Luke! I am an operator at Hawk Servers!
If you ain't smelly, drop me a + rep. No balls, you won't.


Sad to see you go! We never really talked but you seem like a chill guy, hope to see you again in game!

Hawk Operator

Leave a +rep


I'll miss you, I hope you pop by whenever I'm on. Goodbyee
-Gamer Grill


See ya around BM0.

howk server pretty gay lol


Have a good one, hope to see you back sometime :(
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Was nice to see you as staff, although not for long.


cya BMO <3 hope to see you on the server Smile
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