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end of year giveaway

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just a mindless idea but the people who were not lucky enough to win anything from the giveaways during the year i think it would be a cool idea if there was an END OF YEAR GIVEAWAY featuring 1 item from each giveaway from the year that way the people who were not lucky enough to win have another chance and the people who did win get another chance to win either another item


End of year giveaway sounds like a thing to keep you away from your loved ones, besides, the hours are different for everyone so it would just mean more problems and a bit unfair hours for some.
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would be a really cool idea Wink


I'm with Shadow Charmer.


We have many giveaways, and most giveaways come on special events or holidays. With the holidays coming up tho, we'll probably have a giveaway anyways.
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I think it's a good idea however would mean that people would almost be forced onto the server while they should be spending time with loved ones.

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