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get ban for MNLR


i get banned and i dont know why, some one can explain what is MNLR , i start play today and i dont understand so much how to play , i asked how to play and no one answered me , i did everthing right and i still look a stand for it , please can u give me the first and the last chance pls


MNLR stands for Mass New Life Rule. If you break NLR more than 3 times you get banned for it. NLR is basically a rule which prevents you from returning to your death location or interacting with the player that killed you. If you did so 3 or more times the ban is just. If you're new to a server please read the rules and while you are banned read the rules in the forums so you have a good understanding of what is wrong.
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As from now, i will suggest you to read the rules
Ok you are new but you need to know the rules in case you get banned again
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