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Your RP Name

>> Stasko

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*

What is the stated reason?*
>>NITRP, Minge , Harrassment

Ban Duration?*
>> 5 days

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> I was in a sit with Fire about a name problem. Panda came, asked me to change it. I said yes, I was looking for characters/things to change it to. I tried 5 times but it turns out everything is illegal except spaces, so I told them give me a second. They said no, do it now. So I said sure 1 sec. Then Panda warned me for ignoring staff. After that I tried to change it to something with an _ and it popped illegal again and I got kicked. I rejoined and asked for a sit 4-5 times with 2-4 minutes inbetween. I rejoined the server with a new name which wasn't impersonating Leader Junky. Soap tpd to me and said what about, I just said I want some screenshots of the logs. She agreed to give me them. Upon which the guy from the previous sit ran up and started talking about it. I told him to f*** off which wasn't right but he was getting into the sit. Soap didn't remove him and I got angry and changed my name to RKK Leader Funkyy (which was once again similar to his but not the same as he was RK Leader Funky). Soap tpd me and him away into a box and agreed to give the screenshots. Seconds after entering the box I knew it wasn't right to have that name and changed it to RKK Leader Topkek. After this me and the guy from the previous sit kept talking to each other and Soap was silent. I said all I want is a screenshot of the logs and to talk to Fire about a warn from when I was afk (which fire assumed was because of the name issue from 10 minutes ago but it wasnt, my RDM warn was 30 minutes before the incident with the names when I was called Serbian Chalgar). Fire later understood what I meant about the RDM warn and said he doesn't know why I have it but I should dispute it. At this moment Soap came back said I am a minge and banned me.

The evidence for this was  the previous sit, for which I was already warned and kicked. I had done nothing wrong after rejoining.
Soap claims I spammed @ after the ban but when me using @ was happening at no point was I told it was spam (and I used it only 5 times with very long intervals between it).
The main reason they claim I am a minge is because I was impersonating (but I changed my name to RKK Leader Topkek 20 seconds into the sit and just before the ban I changed it fully to Stasko as to totally avoid the issue meaning I only had the RK Leader Funky name for 20-30 seconds after being warned not to use it which is still not right but the guy kept coming back to me and talking about the sit, they refused to let me talk in private with them).
It is also stated that I harassed and insulted staff, none of which I did and there isn't any proof that I did so. I even told panda he is bae and I will change my name for him when he teleported himself.
I understand the warn and kick might be justified, but the ban was unnecessary, all I wanted was some screenshots which Soap agreed to give me, she could have said no and I would have walked away.

Overall I think this was just a result of everyone getting emotional and overshooting the situation. It all started because RK Leader Funky had a problem with me changing between the names Fires Pet and Serbian Chalgar which I have the total right to do, and fire told him multiple times theres nothing wrong with that, but he kept insisting into making this into a sit, at which point I got mad and started impersonating him. The situation then escalated.
If Fire had handled him at that point nothing would have happened and we would have all went about our ways. 
Sadly, Soap didn't know about this and thought I was impersonating him from the start without a reason. This is all because I wasn't given a chance to talk in private and the guy kept irritating and annoying me by not typing but instead talking non stop over his mic even when asked to type.

Blaming people won't sort the issue I understand I didn't do things right but I do not believe this whole misunderstanding is worthy of a 5 day ban. If things have to be settled with a ban I will agree with a reduced ban.

I have screenshots of all of the chat after me rejoining but I can't post them ATM but will do upon request. If what I say isn't believed.


I still stand by the fact that my ban reasons are valid, and here is why:

You were impersonating people, spamming @ with angry tickets, and came back after being kicked with a mingey attitude. Because of the impersonations (and not changing them for a while after I asked) someone was falsely muted. (Firestorm and Panda had told and reported you being mingey all night, since the first sit with them.)
NITRP: After the kick, you clearly had NITRP, reasons stated above. You say you waited for long intervals with the @ request, but you didn't? I came back to the server after being afk and saw many ticket requests coming in from you. I had no clue what you were talking about so I TP'd. (People were talking about how you had spammed it for a while in Staff Chat.)
Harrassment: You were harassing / disrespecting people, telling them to fuck off, and you wouldn't stop asking the staff for screenshots. You called Firestorm an idiot when asking about the warn. You had no respect for us during any of this.

Secondly, I gave you time to speak and show your side of the story. I understand that you are angry, and things got emotional, but, you were being a minge. That deserves punishment.
You don't deserve to be unbanned in my opinion, you wasted peoples times, ruined their nights, and minged.

Thank you.
-Gamer Grill

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- You completely ignored the reason why the impersonation happened in the first place.

- During their sit not once did they call me a minge or say they will ban me, nor was I told this falls under minging/no intention to roleplay if I do not change it.

- Not changing them for a while was a total of 3 minutes at best.

- I asked once for screenshots, and you agreed, hence why I asked once more in the sit. The other 2 times it was me talking to RK saying I am just here for my SS and I am gone.

-  I did not call Fire an idiot, I have proof of that. I was being very polite to him and he was even basing with us 5 minutes before this thing started.

- I told someone to fuck off ONCE with valid reason. I didn't want that sit to continue just wanted you to give me my screenshots which you agreed to do and DIDN'T REFUSE at any point.

- You DIDN'T give me time to speak as you were SILENT the whole time and allowed me and him to argue instead of splitting us. Also have proof of that.

- You said 13 words, okay / did i mute the wrong guy / you are being a minge / !xban.

- You are forgetting panda has a grudge against me

- Minging the whole night isn't 20 minutes, I was on for 8-9 hours. All of which were semi-afk talking to my girlfriend/on discord or watching videos and running up and down the stairs in my base.

- Fire has backed me up on this that I haven't done anything wrong the whole 8 hours I was on up to the point of the name change problem (which I agree I didn't handle well and it was wrong to argue like that)

-Fire has also said he didn't know you will ban me, didn't know what went in your head. He agrees with the warns and kick however, which I am fine with.

Fire's discussion with me unaltered and clean:

Your reply clearly shows you didn't read any of the information presented before and you are exaggerating this by using words like THE WHOLE NIGHT when you know this event took a max of 20 minutes.
Not changing my name for a while someone was falsely muted (it was actually a gag and it wasn't false). No I changed my name but just as you were writing !gag Leader I changed to RKK Leader and you gagged both. That was the 20-30 seconds I mentioned and I changed away from it because I knew it wasn't right, once again you are playing this up to make it sound worse than it was. You had someones name and people were getting falsely muted, and no you didn't falsely mute people. You falsely gagged ME, because you wanted to GAG him. How do I know this?  Because I didn't talk once tonight which means you weren't aiming to !GAG me (meanwhile he didn't stop talking).
I didn't have intentions to roleplay I had intentions to log off it was 2 AM all I wanted was a screenshot of the logs so I can dispute my warn with proof, a very reasonable request to which you agreed.
Another example of you playing up the situation is saying I told "people" to fuck off. No I told only one person once.  Further example, you didn't stop asking the staff for screenshots, no I didn't I only asked you once and you agreed.
You stood and looked at me and funky talk for 2 minutes then just banned me without saying anything besides you are a minge.

All information in your post is altered, false or incorrectly presented. Besides the fact that I was kicked and warned.
Chat screenshots:

The golden nugget is me warning you that you will play up information to benefit yourself in our discord conversation 10 minutes before me making this post. I just predicted your response before you wrote it.

I also did apologize to panda because his grudge against me isn't valid and I thought me and him were fine now ( he doesnt have to like me but not hate me).
Also, also from tonight to Kai

I am not a dick, I do not insult people for no reason. You can ban me, but do not label me as toxic. I have not insulted a staff member. I called Panda bae, I was giving Fire a christmas present and was talking to him about being a nice and chill dude, to which he replied with the same ( about me). I have not had any negative conversations with any staff but panda (which was NOT INTENTIONAL and I DID APOLOGIZE because I offended him with a remark which WASN'T NATURALLY OFFENSIVE it just had PERSONAL MEANING TO HIM).

What happened was, you came to me neutral. Heard panda and decided to take this up. Banned me for nothing. Got mad because of our conversation on discord. Saw this post. Pulled together information off the top of your head without doing any research.

Overall I could sit here all night and analyse Panda's hate for me and your distaste because I wanted to talk to you like an intellectual human being.
But we aren't here for that, what comes out of this comes. Life loops it's way around.


Ok, I just want to point out Stasko, 2 of those pictures that you provided from our conversation support Soap-chan ban reason. I told you that I agreed with Soaps actions based off of these to images YOU provided.

Also, you don't contact me at night when I am sleeping and start crying why were you banned. You can tell from another image YOU provided I was tired and I wasn't thinking fully. What I said to you in that conversation was nonsense, I was tired and I just wanted for you to stop spamming me, so I just agreed with everything you said. Obviously, that was not the best way to do things, but you should still know not to contact someone at night when they are sleeping. You woke me up and I wanted to go back to sleep. I did talk with Soap and Panda in staff chat, so that stuff I said "I don't know what soap was thinking" was false, I did know. In fact, I was the one to first recommend it. The one part I agree with you on was you didn't minge the WHOLE night, just the part after the Name incident, but you still minged a lot after that. You made sits for no reason, Called me an idiot, and made fun of Soap and panda. I am fine if the higher-ups decide to punish because of the way I handled this situation. So whoever is reading this report, thinks I need to be talked to or something like that. Just know, I am willing to do that. 
I will also say that you shouldn't be unbanned. You shouldn't get those warns removed. I support Soap and Panda, I was there, I know what happened so don't go and take shit out of context.

This is just the picture of me saying that I am tired and just stop spamming me. Note the time signature (night, I was sleeping and you woke me up) 
-  Firestorm959 {Ex-Admin} 

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I think this is outrageous your trying to have members of staff demoted/warned just because things didn't go your way. You making these accusations and not accepting that you didn't want to rp and that you aren't accepting that you were minging shows us that your not mature and that you should take the 5 days to cool off and come back when your ready to play BY the rules NOT against them. For the warning I gave you, you showed no sign that you were changing your name, you were typing and I felt you were only trying to waste our time, so I verbal warned you 3 times, you still didn't change your name warned you once and failed to comply and so I kicked you for ignoring staff and then you take your anger out on all the staff on at that point. If you were trying to change your name something like jim or bob or something simple would've been good enough for the sit and then you could've spent more time changing your name AFTER the sit.


"You completely ignored the reason why the impersonation happened in the first place."

You lost me there, good luck getting with unbanned. You'll need it.
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Quote:Soap didn't remove him and I got angry and changed my name to RKK Leader Funkyy (which was once again similar to his but not the same as he was RK Leader Funky).

Work on your anger problems then, that is plain and simple minging.
You know better, we both know that.


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