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TFO | Open for apps again!


The Furst Order

TFO opens its doors again for applications! For more information on the gang itself, check out this thread ~> https://hawkservers.co/showthread.php?tid=5860

Here you have the requirements and the template again for you to check out and apply!


- Be a furry (Obviously UwU).

- Have a Discord and be active on it (minimum 250 server score on the main Group Chat).

- Have at least 1-day playtime and knowledge of rules.

- Be mature (and a considerable age).

Application template:

>> What is your in-game name?*

>> What is your Discord username (# included)?*

>> How much playtime have you got in-game?*

>> How many warns do you have in-game? (Active and total)*

>> What's your server score (in the main GC)?*

>> How old are you?*

>> Have you got any experience from past gangs?

>> Describe your personality.*

>> What is your sona/ref?*

>> Have you got any other contact sites? (i.e. F-List//Telegram//Kik)

Good luck for those who actually apply! ^w^
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