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New skin models

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So like an idiot i did not realize that the skin model for the master thief had changed and new Omega skins were added. I just thought my game had broken so i reset my whole game three times and i was like what the heck is happening and of course i uninstalled my game and reinstalled (which did not actually take too long) and i thought it was still messed up, so i asked in chat like am i going crazy or has the master thief skin model changed. A flush stream of people was saying its not Halloween anymore its been changed etc.. And my dumb ass did all that for nothing when i could of just asked smh.
[Image: o1AJ9mPK1FEjaCUEerUtYiA6Q9euY5NPwnDyjTTtFZQii39mF.gif]


Always ask first lol
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(02-12-2018, 07:19 PM)Plat Wrote: Always ask first lol

Dont worry i will next time lol
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