Admin request

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Ingame name bobbi

why i should be admin i have around 1800 hours with my normal and second acc i relly feel like the server doesnt have meny admins so i have been admins on two other danish servers



this is awesome
[Image: Tx1NvBA.gif]


- rep
no ulx commands
Hi, my name is Luke! I am an operator at Hawk Servers!
If you ain't smelly, drop me a + rep. No balls, you won't.


i love your pic


Massive -REP

Haven't filled in template.
Never seen you in game or on discord.
Hardly any forum posts.
New to the server.
Don't meet ANY requirements.
[Image: 1794951.gif]



knows ulx
seen ingame

needs to be active on discord

overall, gl : ) ) ) ))
-Gamer Grill



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