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So me and my friend ar having a death match with our new knifes and every thing is fine we see an admin we continue with it I though my game lagged out so i attempt to join back and im banned for mrdm ( Btw a few others join here and there) but i would enjoy the ban to be lifted and if you would like further confermation ask my friend MR.Magic 1


Even with a friend its not allowed
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I received multiple pings on Discord that multiple people were MRDMing in spawn. I join the server and see that yourself, along with multiple other people are constantly killing one another. This still isn't allowed even if they're your friends. This is a DarkRP server, not a deathmatch server.

You and your friends also managed to kill people who weren't involved whatsoever (for example, killing me instantly after I joined). I don't think you should be unbanned.
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This is still considered mrdm

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