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Hey guys just got two cool reports saying post farming i have no idea what that means but i guess its when you try to get more posts? I was just interested in the website and i wanted to  post because its fun i have no idea why should i post farm tbh is there like a rank thet you can get if you post more? And because of this my staff app gets -reps because of that apperently if anyone who wrote those reports you if you take them off then i will delete the posts that you thought that i was postfarming with im not lying im being the innocent one here. all i did was post. Well this is very EPIC you can keep the reports anyway idc but i didnt do anything wrong tbh. Im not critisising im not sarcastic im saying its very cool that they care about people breaking the system and stuff but theyre too careful. Well peace out gamers!

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You : Post farms
Also You : Makes a post to tell people you were not post farming
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(03-12-2018, 03:48 PM)Atsuki Wrote: You : Post farms
Also You : Makes a post to tell people you were not post farming

hello this was true i didnt know that there was a thing called post farming. I was tired and i just wanted to post because its fun!sss

tbh i feel like im being bullied at this point because i have NEVER post farmed AND WHY WOULD I? I have never known anything about post farming.


Getting to those juicy 8 posts to be just about the requirements and post your application right after is a bit of post farming to me, especially when some of them were threads with limited importance and zero to no effort put into them. Examples:

Thread: Wierdest shower thoughts
Tell me the weirdest shower thoughts please xd

Thread: Cats
What kind of cats do you have? Im interested as an 4 cat owner(true)

Not to talk about your necroposting on threads from over three months ago and now creating a post about you "not post farming" to get two more posts :3
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This thread is so ironic. Just stop posting low quality threads like this.
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Off-topic doesn't mean you should make threads about when was the last time you took a dump or what did you eat in your last meal for example.

Please do not post irrelevant stuff.

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