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Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
Everyone - Jobs

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
 The /demote command never actually works because people don't vote yes to it even if it is a valid /demote. My suggestion is to lower the amount of players needed to actually demote the player. I've been in many situation where the president is AFK or just isn't doing his job and I've gone to /demote them and it always gets 
How would your suggestion improve the server?
It would help to actually demote people that aren't doing their job correctly. For example, if a swat is MRDAing then before staff can get to it people can actually demote the player so he stops MRDAing or as I said in my main suggestion part if a president is AFK or not doing their job and they won't switch then you can do /demote and it will actually demote them instead of it forcing you to either kick them or going up to them and asking them to stop.
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At least lower the number of players for it to get accepted would help in many situations as maybe it is not just the president the one AFK but also the approximate 15 people in spawn and also another 20 in their bases, also adding those who vote "No" and those who don't get to vote for whatever reason, maybe just being busy or not noticing it.
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Also stops people sitting on limited jobs like terrorist leader while afk
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too many presidents with dumb laws that get to keep the job because ???
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Would help people with phat asses.
Seriously good idea, pls do.
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This will hopefully save us from jaywalking arrests and stuff like that. And people staying AFK in limited jobs that everyone wants to use (such as president, terrorist leader, opium, etc.)
It'll hopefully be changed in the near future.
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people who are AFK finally could be demoted.



Reasons stated above. Only downside is minges abusing it but I doubt that would happen because its a vote
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This would be a good idea to change the amount of voters considering swat members that are not actually doing there job (Which has occurred a lot recently) can finally be demoted as at the moment it gets denied a lot. Not only will it help the server it will solve a lot of issues with players.
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+Rep I've been in the same situation many times as well

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